Happy Halloween

This is my night, haunted cozyness, creepy candy and scary movies. Long Live Halloween!

Día de los Muertos - PICS + Movie

After a seriously stressful day I finally arrived at Tobias place for some final details before going to the Día de los Muertos party. Lolly was in the middle of fixing his makeup, skillz, she haz them! And Bianca found the perfect spot to sleep, Lollys backpack. Gosh, I love that dog ♥
All done and ready to go to Mexico!

Unfortunately Tip The Velvet had some problems with the queue-system and we almost froze to death before we finally got in. But apart from that I had a great time. Good burlesque shows with mexican and halloween themes, yummie drinks and friends!
Such a handsome skull!
Haha, love the pic to the right! "Wtf did you just do?!" "Oooupsie!"
We left the party pretty late, bought a huge batch of fries and sumbled home. Over all, a good night, and I can't wait until next weekend, when the Military vs Zombie-party will haunt Gothenburg!

A small vid I made from different clips i recorded during the evening. And no, I'm not good at controlling my camera after a few drinks.

Día de los Muertos

A makeup sneakpeak. My first time ever doing a sugarskull, pretty pleased with the result anyway.
Gonna publish more pics from the huge Día de los Muertos-party later.
Now it's time for.. sleep!


"Thank you! Your donation will help to save and rescue endangered Bats"
Today I finally got my BAD-package - Bats Are Deserving and I'm very happy. As you all probably know by now my heart burns for bats, and have done so since I was a kid. Helping them is a great feeling.
So from now on I'm gonna wear a BAD-bracelet with pride. Go bats!


Hotel Transylvania

So yesterday me and my very good friend Cissi went to the cinema to watch this awesome movie. I loved it, so cute and funny, and very.. me! We had a huge bowl of popcorn and well, everything was pretty awesome.
Only thing that kinda ruined the mood was this jersey-shore bitch that sat down next to us. I didn't hear her much but Cissi did, and apperantly she told us to "shut the fuck up" every time when we laughed and just basically reacted to the movie, ya know, aaawh and sounds like that. Eh, it's normal to laugh when the movie's fun, right? And pretty much everyone laughed and/or reacted, just like normal people do. We didn't talk, we didn't use our phones or anything thats actually annoying. So after the movie Cissi gave the bitch a good scolding. Fair play!
But other then that, awesome night!

Day of the Dead and... Math

Boring friday night. Sitting alone at home studying math... I don't even like math. It's not that hard, just boring!
I want to be out, dance with friends, feel the music and just forget about the boring everyday life. Thank god there's a huge halloween party next friday. Need to go to that so badly. Need to dance away some stress. The theme of the party is "dia de los muertos" - Day of the Dead, the Mexican celebration, can't wait!
Sugar skulls, skeletons, sombreros, mariachi and tequila mixed with all the best parts of halloween, burlesque and just pure awesomeness! I'm not sure what to wear yet, but at least I have some kind of plan. Well, I'm happy as long as I get to dance!

American Horror Story Asylum

It's finally here!! The second season of American Horror Story. New cast, new location, new plot and it's about bloody time. I really loved the first season, and when I herd that this one will take place in an Asylum I almost died of happiness. I just hope it's as good as it looks! 

Stupid Head

After a day stuck in bed thanks to the invention of migraine I'm finally able to do things again. I am so tired of having migraines and they have been more frequent lately thanks to stress. So annoying!
Hopefully my head will work with me for the rest of the month though, favourite holiday coming up so really don't want to be in bed more then necessary. So many plans, oh gosh I love, love, looove halloween!
Tired girl, but happy to be up and about again!


This is going to be... EPIC!
Hope to see ya on the dancefloor.


 Just need to share this movie with you all. The Secret of Kells! Watched it for the first time when I was in Ireland and it was love at first sight. Today I got the movie in the post and it's still both beautiful and magical.
The music, the way it's animated, feels a bit like a dream.. Mmm, magical really is the right word to describe it!

I miss it

I miss Ireland, simple as that. Or mabye I'm just missing being away from sweden.
Everything's so complicated over here!
Planning a trip to London in December. Gonna meet up with Podge over there and enjoy all things christmas, really looking forward to that. I've always wanted to see London during December, with all the decorations and markets. And perhaps go to some christmas show. It will only be for a couple of days, but still. And it will be awesome to meet Podge again as well!

Trad Session

So, here's the vid I promised from the Trad Session-night.
At a small pub called Sin é.


Just wanted to show you the gifts I got from Podge. (Oh, and his mother. She got me the beautiful scarf on her trip to Italy. How sweet is that! She also gave me a necklace with a glass flower, but I forgot to take a pic of that one.)
Anyway, Podge got me Ninja Gaiden for ps3, a game we've been talking about for ages. It's his favourite and now, finally, I'll get to play it myself! He also gave me the beautiful skull earrings above. Love them so much!
And finally a pic of my new everyday necklace. A Triquetra. I've always loved that symbol, and the meaning of it.

Jumbo-Stay Hotel

  Since I didn't want to spend two hours on a train directly after returning to Sweden I booked a hotel just by the airport. A very special hotel that is.. An old Jumbo Jet Airplane! 

My room, aah, after hours on an airplane it was so lovely to lay down in an.. airplane (haha) Well, the bed was huge, soft and cozy. I slept like a child!

Good morning Sweden. Time for some hotel-breakfast. YUM!

Totally worth the money, if I ever need to travel from Arlanda again I'll stay at this place one more time for sure.

Ireland Last Part

The street and house where I stayed for most of my nights in Ireland, together with Podge and his two roomies. And wooh, we had such luck with the weather. Sun pretty much every day. LOVELY!
Mmm, cupcakes!
 Dangerous to have a place like this close to your house!
So, last day in Ireland, and me and Podge took the bike up to an old abandoned mental hospital. Beutiful place, but unfortunately it was closed down completely, with cameras everywhere! We had planned to go inside and explore, but apparently they are re-building the place and turning it into appartments.
Well, still a lovely place to visit. And I really enjoyed all the bike-rides around town so!

More night-walks around Cork, some cider and then we got a chinese lantern to send up in the sky. Very cozy last night.. But sad at the same time. Did not want the morning to come..
But it did. I took a last look around town, got some more gifts for friends and family and tried not to fill my head with too many sad thoughts.

(I'm very fascinated by all the Maria-altars all around Ireland. Left one in Youghal, right one in Cork)
Central Cork

On our way back to the house for some final packing before my flight we stumbled upon a small singn just by the side of the road, and we decided to follow it. Ended up by a green door that seemed to be leading to someones backyard, but this is what we found. An old graveyard, and the tomb of Nano Nagle.

Flying over London
 And then, just like that, my nine days in Ireland were over..
I was so sad flying home, but at least then I know that I had a wonderful time, with wonderful people. And believe me Ireland, I'll be back!


Ireland Part IIII

On the first of october me and Podge took a trip to Cork City Gaol. Such an interesting place.
We got a reading tour and took our time walking around the old prison, looking at all the different dolls there and reading about their stories.

I tried flirting my way out of jail, did not go so well.. stoneface!
After the jail we went to the English Market. We really need more food markets around in sweden. Fresh produce ftw!
The next day became a church day! We checked out different ones, but the one I liked the most is the one below, Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral. I'm not a religious person, but gosh. There's something special about really old churches. I just feel so calm and.. yeah, at ease.

Really love this pic, don't know why, it's just something about it!
That night we went to my first trad session. Probably the coziest pub I've ever been to, and i really liked the music! I have a short clip of it as well, will post it as soon as I'm done with all these pics!
Yeah.. sexxy boys!

Ireland Part III

My first ever birthday without presents and cake, but hey, it was nice anyway. We went to Fota Wildlife Park and even though I wished we had more time there it was pretty awesome. So many animals roam free in the park, so sometimes a kangaroo will jump by your side, or you may trip over a lemur unless you watch your step!
Ooh, I frekkin love lemurs!
SO CUTE! And I kinda like these two pics i took, Buddha-Lemur and Love in the park-Lemurs.
WIIH, happy girl! Gosh I really love animals! So glad Podge took me to the zoo!

Happy Podge as well, enjoying the sun!
After the wildlife park we went back to Cork and took a bus out to Youghal, apperantly one of the most historical towns in Ireland. Podge's family owns a beautiful summer house out there, and we had such a cozy time.
Random cute house/church/building.
When we arrived at Youghal it was dark, so we went for a night stroll along the beach. Listening to the ocean.
And when we got cold we returned to the house and shared a bottle of Morgan while relaxing in front of the tv.

When we woke up the next morning it was really stormy outside! Rain and mad winds, but after like two hours it cleared up and the sun came back out. Bright blue sky and just a perfect day!
The lovely summer house.
Then we spent a few hours at this entertainment place (Very cozy!) before taking a long walk along a beautiful road with an awesome view of the Irish coastline.
Steepest hill I've ever seen! It was so difficult to walk down!
Youghal town centre, the old Clock-tower.
Such a pretty town, really enjoyed myself there. So many old buildings, interesting history.. and Podge treated me to some of the nicest chinese food I've ever had! YUM YUM!
Random graveyard in the middle of town. So old and very beautiful
Best.. Name.. Ever!
And then, after a long walk around town we went to Moby Dicks Pub. Apperantly it had som part in the movie as well.. Very cosy place. Walls filled with pics of old fisherman. Stayed there for some time, enjoying hot whiskey and just relaxing, before taking the night bus back to Cork.

Ireland Part II

Good Morning Cork!
Time to go to Blarney. Gosh, I really loved it out there, such a quaint village. And the old castle was gorgeous!
Oh, and apperantly the crime rate is so big out in Blarney, they have this huuuuge police station.. Or not. Haha!
I though it was a joke, but that small shed just below is actually the police station.

Concentrated girl doing... something.
On the very top of Blarney Castle is the Blarney Stone. It's said that if you kiss it you will be given great eloquence, but since I had been warned about what local kids do to the stone there was no kissing it from my part.. Hehe. Still, beautiful view. But the stairs up and down were a nightmare! I thought I would die a hundred times over.
Found this awesome place just behind the castle!
Then we went to the Blarney Wollen Mills. HUGE place filled with pretty much all thing Irish. Everything from thick woolly jumpers and home decoration to candy and leprechauns!
Just a very blue picture! (of one happy, blue girl)
Then we left Blarney and returned to Cork for som more lovely night walks, talking and just random awesomeness!

Ireland Part I

So, my trip to Ireland started with me spending the night at Best Western Hotel in central Stockholm. Didn't get any sleep though since my train to the airport was supposed to leave half past four in the morning, but it was nice to have some place to rest while waiting.
Oh, and there was a bit of drama at the train station. When I got there the whole place was closed down, and I could not find any signs showing me where to go. By random chance I found this bus driver, and I asked him how to get to my train since the station was closed. And instead of just showing me the way, he took me to his bus (even though he was on a break) and drove me some special bus route around the whole, huge building right to my train! Gosh, I'm still sooo thankful! Best bus driver ever ♥ I can honestly say that without him my journey would have ended right there and then.
The rest of the trip went surprisingly smooth. I slept on both planes, and even though the wait at Heathrow was quite boring I survived, and when I arrived at Cork Podge was there to welcome me!
The first day was quite lazy, thank god, since we were both so tired. He showed me the town from his bike (OMG I'm in love with motorbikes now), and we talked and talked. So much catching up to be done! We also took a long night walk.. Lovely! Cork is gorgeous by night!
Cork at night
Second day, and apperantly time to celebrate Arthurs Day! I don't even like Guinness, but I had a pint just to join in anyway. And I got to see my first ever bar fight ever! I was talking to this guy, and when a second bloke came up and said something to me while the other guy was still talking he just went mad! Smashed a bottle against the pool table and threatened to cut the other guys head off. Pretty much everyone there tried to keep them seperated and I was quite shaken afterwards. Best thing though, the guy with the bottle called the day after to apologise. So now it's just a pretty fun memory!
Happy guys!


So, I'm back from Ireland now, and I already miss it like crazy. Had such an amazing time and gosh, I wanna go back right this instant! Miss the people, the town, the atmosphere (and all the curry takeaways we had)..
Well, at least I've got tons of pics to show ya all! So stay tuned.
At Youghal. Such a beautiful place!

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