Ireland Part IIII

On the first of october me and Podge took a trip to Cork City Gaol. Such an interesting place.
We got a reading tour and took our time walking around the old prison, looking at all the different dolls there and reading about their stories.

I tried flirting my way out of jail, did not go so well.. stoneface!
After the jail we went to the English Market. We really need more food markets around in sweden. Fresh produce ftw!
The next day became a church day! We checked out different ones, but the one I liked the most is the one below, Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral. I'm not a religious person, but gosh. There's something special about really old churches. I just feel so calm and.. yeah, at ease.

Really love this pic, don't know why, it's just something about it!
That night we went to my first trad session. Probably the coziest pub I've ever been to, and i really liked the music! I have a short clip of it as well, will post it as soon as I'm done with all these pics!
Yeah.. sexxy boys!

Postat av: Ellinor Landal

Ditt hår är ju verkligen awsomesauce! Ska're va så ska're har jag alltid sagt! ^^

2012-10-10 @ 18:26:53

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