Last Night

Last day at mums place, last day in their guest-bed, last day of waking up early for work.. Tomorrow I'll be going HOME! Oh it will be pure heaven to sleep in my own bed again ♥  I've been so homesick it's mad! But at least I'm returning with a pocket full of money. Wooh!
And since I'm missing dad like crazy as well, here's a cute picture of us in London.

New Shoes

I Love my new shoes!!
Hehe, remember that I wrote about them recently, and well I just could not resist getting them.
So comfy, pretty and.. me ♥


I've been a huge fan of Batman since I was just a kid, and I've pretty much seen everything movie-ralated to him. I remember watching the animated series as a child and loving it. So ofc I needed to go and check out the new Batman-movie. Tha last one in the latest triology. And wow.. I cried like a baby at the end. I love their version of Bane, and well.. everything pretty much.
Btw... Wanna know a secret? Bruce Wayne is Batman! OMG!


This shirt is SO CUTE!  And so me, long live Dorks ♥ 
Might order it later on, but for now I want to save my money, still... Too cute.
From "David & Goliath"

A Pretty Title

Yay, internet! Mum went away for a few days, and she took my portable internet-thingie with her, but now she's back, and so am I. On the interwebz that is. I've been working like crazy the last few days, not only with my summer job at the bar, but since mum left I had to take care of the farm as well. Work work work. So I'm really looking forward to this weekend, then there will be Batman, candy and.. sleep. And after that I'm returning to my home sweet home ♥
Hehe, took this pic before mum left. Her husband has this vintage Thunderbird and well... Let's just say that next time I'm riding in that thing I'm tying my hair in a tight knot before going anywhere.
(Oh and feel free to laugh, I did...)


I feel like the most boring person alive at this moment.
Work, sleep, food, training, sleep. Work, sleep, food, training, sleep. Work, sleep, food, training, sleep.
Work makes me so tired, so I usually fall asleep as soon as I get home, and when I wake up again there's just time for dinner and my exercise before it's time to sleep again. Work makes me boring, simple as that!
Well, at least I'm not gonna work more then a couple of hours tomorrow, and then I'm going out. I promised to entertain at some party for my mums husbands poker-friends, so free food and drinks, which is great cause tomorrow is my day off when it comes to diet and exercise. I'm always allowing myself one day a week without counting calories, carbs, protein and fats. But other then that I'm actually quite good at sticking to my program. Go me!
Oh yeah, totally forgot, yesterday I got a call about an upcoming photoshoot! It's been some time since I last stood infront of a camera like that, so I'm really looking forward to it!
I'll be working with the same photographer that took my header photos and also this one. Really enjoy working with him, so this is going to be fun, fun, fun!
Photo: Pontus Fagerstedt (
MUA: Åsa Rindbäck

New Ring

Today I got a ring I've been drooling over for quite some time. It's the real skull from a fruit bat.
Sooo cute! I Love it, now I just need to give him a name.

My Job

Welcome to my summer-job. This is IVY Bar & Grill in Örebro.
It's actually pretty ok to work here. It's cozy, both inside the actual bar and the outdoor-restaurant . The food is good and the pay is pretty okay. So yeah, can't complain too much, the only thing I would change is the hideous clothing, and the rules about piercings, hehe. (And yeah, I miss home as well)
The best thing about work is actually when I get to be alone indoors. Like when it's my turn o clean or just set up the bar, then I can blast my own music as loud as I want. Today Depeche Mode made the floors vibrate while I was sorting Vodka bottles and polishing beer-taps ♥

The Birthday

Time for the birthday pics, and first things first.. Presents! Bianca love opening presents, and she got some really cute stuff this year. A pink harness with a small backpack so she can carry some stuff with her, a new reflective vest for darker days to come, a new shirt, loads of candy - Fancy Gourmet Dog Biscuits, some chewy pigtails (blesh) and loads of her favourite noms.
Then there was cake, a liver-pâté one with ham, cottage cheese and dog candy as candles for Bianca, and a chocolate-pear one for the humans. So tasty! Both kinds disappeared quite fast.
And after an extra long birthday-walk and some serious belly rubbing a tired five year old dog snuggled down into bed, and I can still hear her snore. ♥

Birthday Dog

Happy Birthday Darling ♥
You're the best thing that ever happend to me, and I can't believe that you're already five years old.
Mommy loves you big time!
More pictures to come later tonight, now it's time for a looong birthday-walk, and later on there will be cake, both human and doggie and loads of presents, play and snuggles.


I'm such a happy girl right now. My good friend from Ireland texted me that he just sent a package with starburst to me! I frekkin love starburst! I was complaining to him just a few days ago that they don't sell them in Sweden, so he went out and bought some for me. Can't wait until they are here. Yum Yum Yum!
Cheers Podge!

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Omg, these shoes are pure love! I adore spiked shoes, so as soon as I get my paycheck I'm gonna order some. The top ones are priority no 1. So perfect in every way! I only have studded heels at home, so these flats are going to be a nice part of my collection, perfect for every day wear, walking the dog and things like that. Not too expensive either, and i really need more flat shoes even though i love wearing heels.
All from Ebay.

I Miss Home

I've been away for about a week now, and already I miss home. I miss my beautiful Gothenburg. It sucks having to spend a whole summer month in the middle of Sweden, in a town I don't even like. But work is work, and money is money. Yeah sure, I have everything I need to survive, but still... Home ♥
Gothenburg is simply the best place to be during summer in Sweden.. Well any time of the year really, but especially summer!


Just a lovely picture. No idea where it comes from though, so if ya know just give me a shout!


Hehe, no makeup!
My last entry woke up some questions about piercings, so I thought that I would explain a few things.
The rules about piercings comes from The National Food Administration (Livsmedelsverket). I'm still not sure about how it's unhygenic to have a nose-piercing but I do know that earings are forbidden so that they dont fall in the food and stuff like that, Most places do allowe two earring but only with a special fastener, and some also allow a plain wedding band as jewellery.
The other main question was about what I do with my piercings so that they don't close up. Well, I'm using a so called retainer instead. That way the hole remains intact and no one complains. On the pic I'm wearing the horsesho-shaped piece down, but at work I flip it up and then It's not visible at all! And as soon as I get home I just pop my ring back in together with the other stuff that makes me feel like myself.


Last day of freedom or something, Tomorrow it's time for work. Not too happy about that, but hey. Money's always good, right?  I'll be waitrissing again, it's an alright job I guess, but I hate removing my piercings and rings every day. Stupid rules about food and hygien. I just fail to see what my septum would do to the food. Ah well.. Money.
Last time I worked as a waitress I looked like this, not my choise though. At least I don't have to wear that pink thing again.. ever! Gosh I look so naked without my nose-ring.. and fringe.. and makeup, haha!

Animals ♥

Lovely day at dad's place, filled with animal-cuddles and good food.
Now It's time to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. YAY!

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