If you're in Gothenburg this saturday I think you should come watch PiNKY of Sweden showing some of her beautiful creations. I can tell ya that my outfit is GORGEOUS. So come one, come all!
And as a teaser, here's a picture from the last show I did for PiNkY.

Zombie and Inspiration

I'm actually a bit tired of blogging right now. Not sure why, but somehow the inspiration is gone, even though I have so much fun stuff to actually write about. Like the zombie event last week, when me and a few others were hired to scare the shit out of students at some haunted house in the middle of nowhere. Hm, might take a pause from this and see if the inspiration comes back.


Can't remember the last time I saw the sun. Hello November.. Grey skies, rain and cold winds. But I'm not complaining, it's a great time to cuddle up in some cozy café and drink loads of tea, or just stay at home playing videogames while the world slowly goes to rest outside the windows.
Still, I hope winter comes quickly. I want snow!


 So, I decided to join the dark side and get Instagram. Let's give this a try! or just search for Mitsukai89

Bat Hangers

These must be the pretties hangers I've ever seen! Gosh, I kinda need them, would fit so nicely in my home!! But so far they are only out as a concept, so not for sale... But fingers crossed they will be avaliable soon. Made by talanted designer Veronika Paluchova.


Just another pic from the military vs zombies party.

Project Zero 2

Got this game from dad last night. Can't wait to play it!

Asia Spa

Yesterday I went to Asia Spa-Varberg with dad, and today I still feel relaxed and just.. squiddelydiddely-awesome.
Really should make this spa visiting thing a habit, cured my neck/back pain and so clensing for the mind as well.
Different kinds of water massages, hot springs out in the cold air with a view of the town and a light mist floating over the water, light/dark therapy rooms with heated waterbeds, saunas with steam, salt or just heat, special aroma showers, meditation rooms and tea rooms. Oh and every visit starts with a traditional japanese washing ceremony. Mmmmm ♥

Father's Day

Most amazing dad in the world.
Happy father's day!
Herp diddeli derp. Like father, like daughter.

Top 10

This made me pretty happy. I got on Kerli's top ten for Halloween Costumes! 




Bloody preparations and drinking at Tobias place, and no, he's not dressed as a black person, but my camera did not want the military camo-colours to show.. Doh. Angry looking Fredrik in the background.

Pre-party stuff and cutest dog in the world, mommy loves you
Ready to go! Tobias goes psyco trying to eat my dog, and Jenni looking cute as always.

Arrived at Jazzhuset in good time, so had time to walk around and enjoy the decorations before the real crazyness began. Love the job Club Freakshow and The zone did. So cozy! And loved the themed drinks.
Found my brother on the dancefloor with the most disgusting teeth ever.

Awesome live shows as usual. D-tox played live (with my ex on drums, really surprised me) and a gorey preformace by Kwipi Lovebite.

Oh and Tobias won "Best Military Outfit!"
So in summary, best night in a loooong time. So much dancing (awesome music on both dancefloors), sooo many friends everywhere and everyone looked great. Thank you all so much for making it the best halloween party ever!
And stay tuned FFS, video on the way (and probably more pics as well)!!


Sorting pics at the moment, so many from the big party at The Zone, and half of them blurry. It's hard to take good photos when you're half blind (thanks to the contacts I was wearing). But at least some of them are okay. Here's a sneak of my outfit until I'm done sorting. Couldn't decide on military or zombie, so I was a bit of both, hehe.

Adopt A Bat

So I finally got the papers. I'm now an official sponsor of Bat World Sanctuary, and a cute little creature named Lil Drac. He's a short tailed fruit bat and just adorable! I'm so happy for this and as soon as i have the money I will adopt another bat as well. Bats are so important in this world, and some of the cutest creatures alive! I just don't understand how so many can find them creepy or disgusting.
Iiih, just look at him! So cute ♥

Some of the stuff I recived with the adoption papers. Info on Lil Drac and the fruit bat species. A framed picture of him, some info pamplets on how to handle bats and Batworlds own magazine.

Happy Halloween

This is my night, haunted cozyness, creepy candy and scary movies. Long Live Halloween!



Please, do come in! Have a nice cup of tea, a cupcake and enjoy my little blue world. Oh, and watch out for my big scary bat.. eh.. dog!

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