Ireland Last Part

The street and house where I stayed for most of my nights in Ireland, together with Podge and his two roomies. And wooh, we had such luck with the weather. Sun pretty much every day. LOVELY!
Mmm, cupcakes!
 Dangerous to have a place like this close to your house!
So, last day in Ireland, and me and Podge took the bike up to an old abandoned mental hospital. Beutiful place, but unfortunately it was closed down completely, with cameras everywhere! We had planned to go inside and explore, but apparently they are re-building the place and turning it into appartments.
Well, still a lovely place to visit. And I really enjoyed all the bike-rides around town so!

More night-walks around Cork, some cider and then we got a chinese lantern to send up in the sky. Very cozy last night.. But sad at the same time. Did not want the morning to come..
But it did. I took a last look around town, got some more gifts for friends and family and tried not to fill my head with too many sad thoughts.

(I'm very fascinated by all the Maria-altars all around Ireland. Left one in Youghal, right one in Cork)
Central Cork

On our way back to the house for some final packing before my flight we stumbled upon a small singn just by the side of the road, and we decided to follow it. Ended up by a green door that seemed to be leading to someones backyard, but this is what we found. An old graveyard, and the tomb of Nano Nagle.

Flying over London
 And then, just like that, my nine days in Ireland were over..
I was so sad flying home, but at least then I know that I had a wonderful time, with wonderful people. And believe me Ireland, I'll be back!


Postat av: Pixhy

Jääätteroligt att du delar med dig av alla resebilder. Blir tokigt sugen på Irland nu när man ser all gotiska kyrkor/byggnader !

2012-10-08 @ 21:27:45

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