Ireland Part III

My first ever birthday without presents and cake, but hey, it was nice anyway. We went to Fota Wildlife Park and even though I wished we had more time there it was pretty awesome. So many animals roam free in the park, so sometimes a kangaroo will jump by your side, or you may trip over a lemur unless you watch your step!
Ooh, I frekkin love lemurs!
SO CUTE! And I kinda like these two pics i took, Buddha-Lemur and Love in the park-Lemurs.
WIIH, happy girl! Gosh I really love animals! So glad Podge took me to the zoo!

Happy Podge as well, enjoying the sun!
After the wildlife park we went back to Cork and took a bus out to Youghal, apperantly one of the most historical towns in Ireland. Podge's family owns a beautiful summer house out there, and we had such a cozy time.
Random cute house/church/building.
When we arrived at Youghal it was dark, so we went for a night stroll along the beach. Listening to the ocean.
And when we got cold we returned to the house and shared a bottle of Morgan while relaxing in front of the tv.

When we woke up the next morning it was really stormy outside! Rain and mad winds, but after like two hours it cleared up and the sun came back out. Bright blue sky and just a perfect day!
The lovely summer house.
Then we spent a few hours at this entertainment place (Very cozy!) before taking a long walk along a beautiful road with an awesome view of the Irish coastline.
Steepest hill I've ever seen! It was so difficult to walk down!
Youghal town centre, the old Clock-tower.
Such a pretty town, really enjoyed myself there. So many old buildings, interesting history.. and Podge treated me to some of the nicest chinese food I've ever had! YUM YUM!
Random graveyard in the middle of town. So old and very beautiful
Best.. Name.. Ever!
And then, after a long walk around town we went to Moby Dicks Pub. Apperantly it had som part in the movie as well.. Very cosy place. Walls filled with pics of old fisherman. Stayed there for some time, enjoying hot whiskey and just relaxing, before taking the night bus back to Cork.


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