Hotel Transylvania

So yesterday me and my very good friend Cissi went to the cinema to watch this awesome movie. I loved it, so cute and funny, and very.. me! We had a huge bowl of popcorn and well, everything was pretty awesome.
Only thing that kinda ruined the mood was this jersey-shore bitch that sat down next to us. I didn't hear her much but Cissi did, and apperantly she told us to "shut the fuck up" every time when we laughed and just basically reacted to the movie, ya know, aaawh and sounds like that. Eh, it's normal to laugh when the movie's fun, right? And pretty much everyone laughed and/or reacted, just like normal people do. We didn't talk, we didn't use our phones or anything thats actually annoying. So after the movie Cissi gave the bitch a good scolding. Fair play!
But other then that, awesome night!

Postat av: carruuuu

Den där MÅSTE jag se :D

2012-10-25 @ 09:56:52

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