Friday, and today It's finally time for Electronic Summer and the big Depeche Mode Party!
It's going to be so much fun, I've been looking forward to the Depeche-Party for sooo long now, just can't wait to dance my butt of to some of the best music ever made.


I'm a bit obsessed with this song right now. It's on my running playlist and every time it comes up I just get that extra boost, like only good music can do. (Even if I'm not a boy, Run Girl Run).


Pure Love!
(Hehe, my nose looks a bit weird, but it's only cause Bianca is squeezing against it)


Så today me and my fab shoes went into town for some shopping (like that bracelet I showed you earlier). I really love these shoes, and apperantly I'm not alone. Got tons of nice comments from strangers all around town! And according to one of the makeup artists at Åhlens, I look like a cute doll. A trip into town can really put a smile on your face.
I also found some really sweet underwear, fancy clothes and some new makeup. Everything a girl needs to be happy pretty much, haha. So yeah, a good day!
Makeup of today


So happy for this cute bracelet i bought today. I love watches and well.. time related stuff and I really need more cute stuff for my wrists. So perfect all the way! From the store "Glitter".

I can't believe that I've got such wonderful people in my life. Today Johan came over with a huge bag of candy and ingredients to make a pizza just to cheer me up. So we made a delicious pizza with half a ton of cheese on top, and then we watched some weird tv-programs and played Bomberman until our eyes were bleeding (well, pretty close at least). Thank you bro for being awesome!
I'm also finished with the last details for my upcoming trip. Even got my ticets now (WOOH). And I sucsessfully found mum the perfect birthday-present as well, after some serious searching. Go me!
GAH, apparently it's impossible to comment under this.. but only this entry. Now why is that.

Going Away

Sleepless night, but I guess that's not too strange after the breakup.
But to cheer me up I have been planning a few details for an upcoming trip, I'll be going abroad in about a month. Just what I need right now! It's going to be awesome, AND I'll get to spend my birthday in a country I've never been to before. Exciting! Really can't wait.
I love taking pictures from planes, these are english clouds, even though this time I'm not going to the UK.
(Don't worry if the page looks messed up, something wrong with blogg.se, hope they fix it soon)

It's Over

After almost three years of love and a wedding planned for next year we parted as friends.
I just couldn't handle the changes. It's hard but I'll live.
Hello single-life, long time no see.


I can't wait until Halloween.
It's weird, while people all around me try to enjoy the last bits of summer before it dies I long for those cold and dark autum night, candles, hot chocolate, cozy scarfs and long walks under cascades of golden leaves. And then, of course, Halloween. I have alredy picked out my costume and gosh, it's going to be awesome. Not going to show you the costume just yet though. So until then, here's a pic from last years dress up.

From The Location

Two pictures from the photoshoot, brutally stolen from todays MUA Annelie.
I really had a blast, and from what I've seen the pictures will be... AWESOME!


Today you'll find me somewhere in Slottskogen together with the awesome photographer Pontus Fagerstedt.
It's been some time since I stood in front of a camera, so I'm a bit nervous, but it's going to be so much fun as well! I really like working with Pontus and we have a really cool theme as well. And later this month I'm going to model for Kawaii-Design againl. Yay, fun fun fun!

Day 5

Sad day, even the sky started crying...
Last day in sweden for Podge, but the good news is that I'll be heading to Ireland soon enough to explore the beautiful city of Cork! Can't wait, always wanted to go over there, so it will be a dream come true. ♥
Goodbye Coffé at Espresso House. Love sitting under the glass roof when the rain is falling.
After saying goodbye i went home and spent some quality time with a big bag of starburst Podge left me. YUM!
Good ending for a great week. But please, come back soon!

Day 4

So, day four, and time to once again bring out the inner child since we decided to go and se Madagascar 3! Gosh it was grand! So funny, and yes, everything gets better when everyone wears hipster glasses!
After the movies we headed back to Liseberg for a quick drink of cider, a ride in the big wheel (since we didn't have the time for it the day before) and some fun in the arcade. 
I've never actually cared for the big wheel, but I'm really glad Podge dragged me with him. The view was.. amazing!
And after that it was my turn to win! Podge tried to win a huge toblerone but failed.. several times. So I told him that I would win it for him instead.. and so I did on my first try! (Yeah, surprised myself as well)
One happy guy!

Day 3

Perfect day in every way! Sunny, warm and just lovely.
But due to the late night before we decided to start off quiet, so we headed to the National History Museum located in Slottsskogen. There we enjoyed thousands of preserved animals, birds, fish and ofc, the giant whale skeleton.
Hehe, my favourite part! Bats, bats, bats!
And then.. LISEBERG. Finally, and the weather could not have been better. AND, and, and, and.. for some years now I have been looking at this huge lion prize for a basketball game, but I was never able to win it since i throw like a girl (hehe). I've also made every single one I've brough to Liseberg try out for it, but no.. Apperantly you need an Irishman to get the job done. He won me the lion on the first throw. That's how you make a girl happy! Now I have a huge pink lion in my bed ❤
I think Liseberg might be one of my favourite places ever. I always turm into a five year old girl there, and I just can't stop smiling. Podge were a bit scared of everything at first, but after some nagging and dragging I got him on all the fun and wild rides, and ya know what, he loved it! He even dared to go on AtmosFear.
Wihoo! And yes after a few rides my hair looks like crap, but who cares.
I really love this picture, so much happiness in it!

Day 2

We were supposed to go to Liseberg this day, but since the weather didn't agree with us we changed our plans to UNIVERSEUM! I love that place, filled with animals, fish and interesting stuff to poke. We also had time to walk through the Botanical Gardens. So Beautiful!
I love being in the tropical part of Universeum, but gosh, I would never survive in a real tropical climat. After 30 min inside the jungle I'm pretty much ready to die. So warm and damp! But we were really lycky with the animals, since they run free in inside the jungle area it can be hard to see them, but this time every creature pretty much posed for the camera!
 Happy girl and concentrated Podge
Oh, we checked out the Dino-exhibition as well. It was great fun!
And after the pre-historic trip we headed out to space for some more exploring.
Later that evening it was time to show Podge some of the nightlife of Gothenburg. We started by going to my friend Cissis place for some pre-party fun. And after that we headed out to Power Up @ Lust. A retro game club. Had some drinks, played some street fighter and danced like crazy!
HAHAHAHA, oh gosh!

We had a lovely time, and after some more dancing (explains my sweaty red face) Podge and I took a long walk through the city before heading back to Cissis place for some TV and sleep.

Day 1

The first day did not get off to a good start, I overslept!!
I missed my bus and ended up being almost two hours late. Thank God the plane was late as well, so after a light heart-attack from my side I finally got to hug my handsome Irish friend. We didn't do much the first day though, walked through the city and I did my best not to get lost. Peeked into a church and browsed trough funny stores. We also had lunch at Haga. YUM! My first day of breaking my diet. It was lovely to enjoy a chocolate cheescake with raspberry sauce I tell ya!
And after that.. well.. We enjoyed a quiet night at my place, Rented some movies, bought candy and I watched him cook for me. Spoiled? Yes! And how did I thank him, well, I took a sneak picture of him sleeping on my couch! MOHAHAHA! Btw, falling asleep watching Dexter is awesome!

Still Alive

It's been very quit here for a few days now, but it's hard to spend time by the computer when you have a dear friend over for a visit. I've had such a great time, and I hope Podge did as well. I'll post pictures later, until then here's one taken outside POWER UP @ Lust the night we went out clubbing.


My Fiance sent me a bouquet of beautiful flowers.
I frekkin love flowers! ♥

Visit From Abroad

Life is a bit topsy turvy at the moment, not the best but hey, I'm alive!
And in a few days I will meet up my friend from Ireland at the airport and welcome him to Sweden for a few days. It will be sooo fun, gosh really looking forward to that! I'm going show him all the best parts of my beloved city, like the amusment park Liseberg, Slottsskogen, Haga.. And Universeum! WOH! I will probably also drag him out to Varberg, just because it's such a lovely place during summer. Yayness!
And here's a pic of him (Now that's a very tired Irishman) from when we had breakfast In Covent Garden, London.


Home, home, sweet, lovely, heavenly home.. Ooh Happiness!
And one of the best parts of coming home after some time away is all the fun mail, including five packages and a dog magazine, LOVELY! And best of all, my parcal from Odiumclothing finally arrived. They made a mistake and sent me the wrong one before I left for Örebro, so they gave me a gift as compensation. A beautiful necklace, so I'm really pleased. Yay! Oh and sorry for the really crappy Cam-pic...

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