Día de los Muertos - PICS + Movie

After a seriously stressful day I finally arrived at Tobias place for some final details before going to the Día de los Muertos party. Lolly was in the middle of fixing his makeup, skillz, she haz them! And Bianca found the perfect spot to sleep, Lollys backpack. Gosh, I love that dog ♥
All done and ready to go to Mexico!

Unfortunately Tip The Velvet had some problems with the queue-system and we almost froze to death before we finally got in. But apart from that I had a great time. Good burlesque shows with mexican and halloween themes, yummie drinks and friends!
Such a handsome skull!
Haha, love the pic to the right! "Wtf did you just do?!" "Oooupsie!"
We left the party pretty late, bought a huge batch of fries and sumbled home. Over all, a good night, and I can't wait until next weekend, when the Military vs Zombie-party will haunt Gothenburg!

A small vid I made from different clips i recorded during the evening. And no, I'm not good at controlling my camera after a few drinks.

Postat av: Mia

Vilket underbart roligt tema!!

Svar: Det var verkligen helskoj! Och lokalen var sjukt bra smyckad med =D

2012-11-03 @ 23:31:54
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