Ireland Part II

Good Morning Cork!
Time to go to Blarney. Gosh, I really loved it out there, such a quaint village. And the old castle was gorgeous!
Oh, and apperantly the crime rate is so big out in Blarney, they have this huuuuge police station.. Or not. Haha!
I though it was a joke, but that small shed just below is actually the police station.

Concentrated girl doing... something.
On the very top of Blarney Castle is the Blarney Stone. It's said that if you kiss it you will be given great eloquence, but since I had been warned about what local kids do to the stone there was no kissing it from my part.. Hehe. Still, beautiful view. But the stairs up and down were a nightmare! I thought I would die a hundred times over.
Found this awesome place just behind the castle!
Then we went to the Blarney Wollen Mills. HUGE place filled with pretty much all thing Irish. Everything from thick woolly jumpers and home decoration to candy and leprechauns!
Just a very blue picture! (of one happy, blue girl)
Then we left Blarney and returned to Cork for som more lovely night walks, talking and just random awesomeness!


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