Now THIS is pure Love! Guess what I'm watching later tonight!

Miss Whiskers

Let me introduce Miss Whiskers. Ironic I know since her whiskers are long gone. But hey, she's pretty nonetheless. She's an eight month old cat that unfortunally died (by natural causes) But since dead animals need love too she now has a new home in my bookcase.  ♥


My midsummer look. Nothing too fancy, not even any powder so all my summer freckles are showing! Oh and while watching the Maypole this old woman (70 something) came up to me and wanted to give me a hug cause she thought I was so cute. How sweet is that. I love old ladies!
 (And yeah, time to re-dye my hair)
So today Swedes everywhere celebrates midsummer. A really old Pagan tradition that's both weird and... well... weird! It's the second largest holiday right after christmas here in Sweden. So what is midsummer then? Basicly you raise this huge Maypole (see pics below) wich symbolises a big penis to beg the Gods to fertilize the earth or something. Then you dance around it singing really silly, childish songs and doing crazy dances (Oh, did I tell you midsummer's weird) dressed in either old fashion garments or your prettiest summer dress. And if you want to do it the right way you need to have a flower crown as well.
Unfortunately it's also one of the most alcohol infused holidays, wich means violence, rape and a lot of drunk driving. So yeah, not only fun and sillyness.
Hihi, Bianca got so tired from all the commotion that she cuddled up in the picnic basket and fell asleep.
Oh gosh, I love that dog ♥
Yummies! Cherry Wine and cupcakes! The frosting melted in the sun (sad face) but still very tasty!
I also picked a large bouquet of swedish wild-flowers as decoration. Lovely!
So Happy Midsummer to all of you, or as we say in Sweden: Glad Midsommar!


Relaxing evening. Good music, great company and... really sore legs from all my zombie running.


I just recently picked up running again and I want to show you a grand app for keeping up the running spirit. It's called Zombies, Run! and it makes running into a game. You're playing as Runner 5 and your mission is to collect supplies and check out the surroundings of this post apocalyptic world, and while your running you will get directives and hear more about the world and why it's now zombie infested (the story is really good actually). AND best of all... you will get chased by hungry zombies! BRAAAAIIINS!

Makeup - Brands

I've got quite a few questions regarding my makeup lately. Mostly about what brands I use but also how I apply it (and thinking of it, I actually promised to show you some time ago.. soo, that's coming up). But back to the brands. It's really quit simple, I use MAC cosmetics and Sugarpill for almost everything. The only other thing is IsaDora liquid eyeliner (the best) and some white pressed powder from stargazer to mix with my basic powder, since even the lightest colour from MAC is a tad too dark for my skin.

Oh and I also use some weird pen for my brows atm, the lable's worn though so don't know what brand it is. I took it from my mum when my regular MAC pencil disappeared, hehe.

And when it comes to Lashed I actually don't have a favourite. I have a bunch of different brands but the key word is.. long! I Have a some from sugarpill, some from Stargazer and a lot of small brands lying around at home. It's fun to try different ones.

Well, here are my personal favs when it comes to makeup, enjoy!

Face of Today

The Rainbow-Parade

I söndags var det finaldag för HBTQ-festivalen (Homo, Bi, Trans, Queer) i Göteborg och som sig bör hölls den årliga Regnbågsparaden! Jag älskar de här tillställningarna. Det är verkligen bara ren glädje och kärlek! I år marcherade runt 10.000 människor och självklart var jag en av dem. Fick även med mig vackra Isabelle, som jag även snott en del kommande bilder från,  och givetvis var även Bianca med. Är så otroligt stolt över mitt lilla knippe. Hon pinnade på utan att bry sig nämnvärt om alla människor, kameror, trummor och den höga musiken. Mattehjärtat bubblar av stolthet!

Last sunday was the big finale for Gothenburg HBTQ-Festival (Homo, Bi, Trans, Queer) and to celebrate the big Rainbow-parade marched through town. I really love these things, it's just fillled with pure love and happiness! This year nearly 10.000 people took part in the parade, and of course I was one of them. I also brought my beautiful friend Isabelle and ofc Bianca as well. And gosh, I'm sooo prouud over my dog! She walked along without even caring for the loud music, drums, people and cameras. She's such a good dog!

And if you want to see more pics from the actual parade here's a great link:



Some pretty friends

I marched under Freak Societys Banner this year, along with some great ppl!


Det har varit en gnutta dött här det senaste, vilket till stor del berott på att jag agerat lantbo ett tag. Har nämligen jobbat på mammas gård en bit strax utanför Örebro då hon skulle ta semester. Och det är en hel del att göra när man ska sköta allt själv. Så jag har stått i från morgon till kväll. Mycket av tiden har dessutom gått åt till att sköta de här små sötbollarna lite extra, som inte kan släppas med resten av hönsen än. Gullefjun! Nu är jag dock hemma igen och peppar inför finalen av HTBQ-festivalen här i Göteborg på söndag!

It's been a quiet couple of days here, but I have my reasons. I've been working on my mothers farm for a few days since she went on holiday. And there's a lot to do when you have the whole responsibility for both house and animals. I spent most of my time on these cute, fluffy chicks. They need a lot of extra attention since they're still to small to let in to the big chickens at this time. Iih, so cute! But now I'm back home, and looking forward to the HTBQ-fetival here in Gothenburg on sunday.

Vill även passa på att göra lite reklam åt en vän som skapar serier.
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