The Birthday

Time for the birthday pics, and first things first.. Presents! Bianca love opening presents, and she got some really cute stuff this year. A pink harness with a small backpack so she can carry some stuff with her, a new reflective vest for darker days to come, a new shirt, loads of candy - Fancy Gourmet Dog Biscuits, some chewy pigtails (blesh) and loads of her favourite noms.
Then there was cake, a liver-pâté one with ham, cottage cheese and dog candy as candles for Bianca, and a chocolate-pear one for the humans. So tasty! Both kinds disappeared quite fast.
And after an extra long birthday-walk and some serious belly rubbing a tired five year old dog snuggled down into bed, and I can still hear her snore. ♥

Postat av: Pixhy

:D underbart gosigt!

Jätte fin födelsedag!

2012-07-16 @ 10:09:07
Postat av: Mike

Den där tårtan ser all kinds of mumsig ut! Visste inte ens att den sorten existerade. Now I must go out and hunt it down! :D

Jäkla mysig Bianca du verkar ha! Sista bilden är bara för go. :)

2012-07-16 @ 19:48:06

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