My Job

Welcome to my summer-job. This is IVY Bar & Grill in Örebro.
It's actually pretty ok to work here. It's cozy, both inside the actual bar and the outdoor-restaurant . The food is good and the pay is pretty okay. So yeah, can't complain too much, the only thing I would change is the hideous clothing, and the rules about piercings, hehe. (And yeah, I miss home as well)
The best thing about work is actually when I get to be alone indoors. Like when it's my turn o clean or just set up the bar, then I can blast my own music as loud as I want. Today Depeche Mode made the floors vibrate while I was sorting Vodka bottles and polishing beer-taps ♥

Postat av: Pixhy

Min hemstad. Men jag förstår vad du menar, jag saknar Göteborg lika mycket!!

2012-07-17 @ 12:20:45

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