I Miss Home

I've been away for about a week now, and already I miss home. I miss my beautiful Gothenburg. It sucks having to spend a whole summer month in the middle of Sweden, in a town I don't even like. But work is work, and money is money. Yeah sure, I have everything I need to survive, but still... Home ♥
Gothenburg is simply the best place to be during summer in Sweden.. Well any time of the year really, but especially summer!

Postat av: milktea

You're totally cute too... <3

2012-07-11 @ 23:41:17
URL: http://www.milktea.at
Postat av: Betty Bones

Argghhh så fin :D

Svar: Jaa, alla är helt fantastiska!

2012-07-12 @ 21:15:01
URL: http://bettybones.blogg.se/

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