Hehe, no makeup!
My last entry woke up some questions about piercings, so I thought that I would explain a few things.
The rules about piercings comes from The National Food Administration (Livsmedelsverket). I'm still not sure about how it's unhygenic to have a nose-piercing but I do know that earings are forbidden so that they dont fall in the food and stuff like that, Most places do allowe two earring but only with a special fastener, and some also allow a plain wedding band as jewellery.
The other main question was about what I do with my piercings so that they don't close up. Well, I'm using a so called retainer instead. That way the hole remains intact and no one complains. On the pic I'm wearing the horsesho-shaped piece down, but at work I flip it up and then It's not visible at all! And as soon as I get home I just pop my ring back in together with the other stuff that makes me feel like myself.

Postat av: Miaka

Aw, fräknarna <3

2012-07-04 @ 08:55:23
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