Day 4

So, day four, and time to once again bring out the inner child since we decided to go and se Madagascar 3! Gosh it was grand! So funny, and yes, everything gets better when everyone wears hipster glasses!
After the movies we headed back to Liseberg for a quick drink of cider, a ride in the big wheel (since we didn't have the time for it the day before) and some fun in the arcade. 
I've never actually cared for the big wheel, but I'm really glad Podge dragged me with him. The view was.. amazing!
And after that it was my turn to win! Podge tried to win a huge toblerone but failed.. several times. So I told him that I would win it for him instead.. and so I did on my first try! (Yeah, surprised myself as well)
One happy guy!

Postat av: Maol

Meh? Har de flyttat på hjulet? :/

2012-08-18 @ 22:25:22

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