Day 3

Perfect day in every way! Sunny, warm and just lovely.
But due to the late night before we decided to start off quiet, so we headed to the National History Museum located in Slottsskogen. There we enjoyed thousands of preserved animals, birds, fish and ofc, the giant whale skeleton.
Hehe, my favourite part! Bats, bats, bats!
And then.. LISEBERG. Finally, and the weather could not have been better. AND, and, and, and.. for some years now I have been looking at this huge lion prize for a basketball game, but I was never able to win it since i throw like a girl (hehe). I've also made every single one I've brough to Liseberg try out for it, but no.. Apperantly you need an Irishman to get the job done. He won me the lion on the first throw. That's how you make a girl happy! Now I have a huge pink lion in my bed ❤
I think Liseberg might be one of my favourite places ever. I always turm into a five year old girl there, and I just can't stop smiling. Podge were a bit scared of everything at first, but after some nagging and dragging I got him on all the fun and wild rides, and ya know what, he loved it! He even dared to go on AtmosFear.
Wihoo! And yes after a few rides my hair looks like crap, but who cares.
I really love this picture, so much happiness in it!


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