Day 2

We were supposed to go to Liseberg this day, but since the weather didn't agree with us we changed our plans to UNIVERSEUM! I love that place, filled with animals, fish and interesting stuff to poke. We also had time to walk through the Botanical Gardens. So Beautiful!
I love being in the tropical part of Universeum, but gosh, I would never survive in a real tropical climat. After 30 min inside the jungle I'm pretty much ready to die. So warm and damp! But we were really lycky with the animals, since they run free in inside the jungle area it can be hard to see them, but this time every creature pretty much posed for the camera!
 Happy girl and concentrated Podge
Oh, we checked out the Dino-exhibition as well. It was great fun!
And after the pre-historic trip we headed out to space for some more exploring.
Later that evening it was time to show Podge some of the nightlife of Gothenburg. We started by going to my friend Cissis place for some pre-party fun. And after that we headed out to Power Up @ Lust. A retro game club. Had some drinks, played some street fighter and danced like crazy!
HAHAHAHA, oh gosh!

We had a lovely time, and after some more dancing (explains my sweaty red face) Podge and I took a long walk through the city before heading back to Cissis place for some TV and sleep.


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