Day 1

The first day did not get off to a good start, I overslept!!
I missed my bus and ended up being almost two hours late. Thank God the plane was late as well, so after a light heart-attack from my side I finally got to hug my handsome Irish friend. We didn't do much the first day though, walked through the city and I did my best not to get lost. Peeked into a church and browsed trough funny stores. We also had lunch at Haga. YUM! My first day of breaking my diet. It was lovely to enjoy a chocolate cheescake with raspberry sauce I tell ya!
And after that.. well.. We enjoyed a quiet night at my place, Rented some movies, bought candy and I watched him cook for me. Spoiled? Yes! And how did I thank him, well, I took a sneak picture of him sleeping on my couch! MOHAHAHA! Btw, falling asleep watching Dexter is awesome!

Postat av: Carro

Lät mysigt, älskar Dexter!^^

2012-08-17 @ 16:00:35

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