Electronic Summer Part-1

I've had a blast this weekend. Just pure happiness, really needed this!
So many wonderful people, so much good music and gosh.. dancing, dancing, dancing! And since it was a Depeche Mode-party the whole premises was pretty much covered in awesome DM-stuff. I felt right at home.
Depeche Mode-themed drinks and cute retards that kept me company ♥! Oh and the strangelove drink was seriously heavenly! Yum yum.

Universal Poplab. Gosh so good. Their music just makes me happy. And in the middle of it all Christer from the band decided he wanted to be a part of the audience, epic stuff! A bit of a chock to see him though, I'm used to him looking like this:
Final Live-band for the day, De/Vision. Danced like crazy!
I've got so many videos from the festival as well, I'll probably make some kind of collected clip when i get the time.
Oh, and i found this handsome guy on the dancefloor! Pardon my very drunk eyes and weird hand of derpness, pretty much the only picture of me from the first day. Haha. Lovely!

Postat av: Pixhy

Oh! ^^ Visa gärna fler bilder om du har!

2012-09-04 @ 15:11:08

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