Ireland Part I

So, my trip to Ireland started with me spending the night at Best Western Hotel in central Stockholm. Didn't get any sleep though since my train to the airport was supposed to leave half past four in the morning, but it was nice to have some place to rest while waiting.
Oh, and there was a bit of drama at the train station. When I got there the whole place was closed down, and I could not find any signs showing me where to go. By random chance I found this bus driver, and I asked him how to get to my train since the station was closed. And instead of just showing me the way, he took me to his bus (even though he was on a break) and drove me some special bus route around the whole, huge building right to my train! Gosh, I'm still sooo thankful! Best bus driver ever ♥ I can honestly say that without him my journey would have ended right there and then.
The rest of the trip went surprisingly smooth. I slept on both planes, and even though the wait at Heathrow was quite boring I survived, and when I arrived at Cork Podge was there to welcome me!
The first day was quite lazy, thank god, since we were both so tired. He showed me the town from his bike (OMG I'm in love with motorbikes now), and we talked and talked. So much catching up to be done! We also took a long night walk.. Lovely! Cork is gorgeous by night!
Cork at night
Second day, and apperantly time to celebrate Arthurs Day! I don't even like Guinness, but I had a pint just to join in anyway. And I got to see my first ever bar fight ever! I was talking to this guy, and when a second bloke came up and said something to me while the other guy was still talking he just went mad! Smashed a bottle against the pool table and threatened to cut the other guys head off. Pretty much everyone there tried to keep them seperated and I was quite shaken afterwards. Best thing though, the guy with the bottle called the day after to apologise. So now it's just a pretty fun memory!
Happy guys!


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